Website Roadmap: Navigating the new

At FNB Fox Valley, we love new things, especially when they help our customers or potential customers. We launched the new late last month, so we hope you’ve seen the new design by now. We wanted to take this opportunity to guide you around the site to make sure you know where everything is. You can go to to follow along as you read, or simply use the provided screenshot as your reference.

The new FNB Fox Valley website has been redesigned for easier use for our customers.

The new FNB Fox Valley website has been redesigned for easier use for our customers.

We’ll start with what many of you will be visiting our website: online banking access 1). When you come to the home page, the online banking login is on the left hand side of the page under the FNB Fox Valley logo. Simply select the type of login you need from the drop down menu, enter your Access ID and click the “Login” button.

We also offer the ability to open a personal account or apply for a mortgage directly from our home page (2). If you hover your cursor over the get “Get Started Online” button, you can choose from these two options.

If you love staying up to date with the FNB Fox Valley blog, you can find our latest blog releases in the middle of the page underneath the three colored boxes (3). You can also find us on our various social networks by clicking on a specific icon located in the top-right corner of the page (4).

Finally, the main menu on the left is home to pages that list the services we offer (5). You can click the menu items or hover over them for a sub-menu to appear with more options. You’ll find information covering everything from personal checking and saving accounts and HSAs to mortgages, CDs and more.

We hope you find the new website helpful and easy to use. If you can’t find something in particular, just give your FNB Fox Valley branch a call and we’ll try and help you find the answer.

We hope to see you soon!