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Holiday Credit Card Use: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

As we mentioned in our first blog post earlier this month, the holiday season comes with a lot of additional expenses. If you have a credit card, it can be used to help pay for these extra costs if or when you are short on cash. However, credit card use, particularly during the holiday season, […]

Discover the Low Interest Credit Card Perfect for You

Credit or debit? We have all asked this question after swiping plastic at the store. FNB Fox Valley understands the convenience of having money when you need it most. Whether it is for a meal, vacation, or gas, credit cards can provide a service for all of life’s demands. While it would be nice to […]

3 Things You Should Know About Credit Card Checkout fees

If you’ve been shopping with your credit card lately, you might have noticed a new fee on your receipt. Last week, a number of businesses around the country – including merchants and retailers here in Wisconsin – began charging a checkout fee to consumers who use their credit card to make purchases. The fee is […]