Spring Clean Your Finances

Financial tips from FNB Fox Valley

Are your personal finances a little dirty? Clean up your act with these tips!

After you’ve tackled your floors, windows, and closets, add one more item to your spring cleaning to-do list: your finances. In the spirit of getting rid of the old and starting fresh, FNB Fox Valley shares several tips for people looking to get their finances in order.

  1. Prepare for next year’s taxes right now.

It is always a relief to have your tax information sent to your accountant on time, but that shouldn’t be the end of the road. People should use the new year and fresh start as an opportunity to take a look at their finances and taxes to see where they can save and plan for the next year. See what you can be doing today to ensure there is a lower number next April on your tax statement.

  1. Re-examine your retirement plan.

Take time to understand your own retirement plan and determine if it is where you would like it to be. Understanding how much you have tucked away today can change the way you spend and save for the future.

  1. Clean up your accounts.

Spring is a great time to consolidate accounts and get rid of old checks and statements. Simplify your finances by condensing several bank accounts into one. This is a great idea especially if you rarely use some. Consolidating your accounts into one free account like a Kasasa checking can be a great benefit, earning you rewards like cash back, great interest rates, and ATM fee refunds. Also, if you have been unhappy with your bank, now is a good time to switch.

  1. Opt to go paperless.

Most types of accounts these days have a paperless billing option. Check this out and opt in if it works for you. Fewer bills and statements create less of a mess, and eStatements are actually simple to file electronically.

  1. Shop around for prices.

If you’ve had the same bank accounts and insurance policies for a while, check with competitors to see if you’re getting the best rates possible. Small savings can add up over time. The same goes for phone, cable, and internet bills. It never hurts to see what competitors have to offer.

FNB Fox Valley has the tools necessary to create a smart financial plan that will allow you to save for the unexpected and help you in tight situations. Check out FNB Fox Valley’s savings, money markets, and checking accounts.