Cyber Security in a Constantly Connected World

  This October, we recognize the 12th annual National Cyber Security month as a nationwide effort to educate and improve upon Internet safety and security in homes, schools and businesses.   This year, a big focus is being placed on communities and families staying protected as they are constantly connected. As consumers, accessing products, services […]

It’s Time to Get Smart About Credit

  Today, we celebrate National Get Smart About Credit Day. Your credit score can have an effect on your financial wellbeing throughout your entire adult life, which is why it’s very important to build your credit up and maintain it at a high level.   Your credit score serves as a snapshot of your financial […]

The Psychology of Spending: Your Brain is Killing Your Budget

  The holidays are coming. Sure, we’re still in October. But once Halloween is over the rush to Thanksgiving and Christmas is on, and this is your brain’s favorite time of year. Why? Because it is wired to get a thrill from spending all of your hard-earned money.   Don’t be mad though, because it’s […]