New Look on Going Green with your Finances

Going green in regards to your finances goes way beyond the option of paperless statements. There is a multitude of ways to be more considerate of your paper consumption and free up your mailbox. Not only can you maintain better organization of your banking documents, but knowing more about paperless options might even uncover different services offerings from your community bank.

If you’ve made the jump to paperless statements already, let’s take a look at additional services and benefits that are offered by most financial institutions to help you transition into a more eco-responsible lifestyle.

Electronic checks

You can save your postage stamp for letters to Grandma. Your financial institution might offer you the option of paying with a digital check online. Through your bank’s online services, you can pay recurring or one-time bills for whatever amount you’ve authorized, around the clock. The bank will take care of sending your money for you.  If you automate your bills such as utilities and water, you don’t even have to worry about forgetting to pay on-time – they’re automatically paid.

Mobile options

Our lives are more mobile and device-centered. Checking your statement on your tablet or mobile phone is also a paperless option that many don’t even think to be eco-friendly. In fact, you’re saving yourself either a trip to the bank or the stress of waiting for your monthly statements. Going green puts the power in your own hands to control the way you access, monitor and spend your money. Community banks have mobile banking to help serve you, too!


An additional benefit of keeping your banking documents and payment methods paperless is the security of knowing your transactions are instantaneous. Web transactions leave no chance for infamous sifters to pick through your mailbox for checks, statements or bills. By moving your banking paperless, you’re taking out the middleman and making sure your money or communication arrives unaltered.

These services and benefits are added conveniences of being socially responsible and using alternate options other than paper. These added bonuses don’t just come from the big banks, either. FNB Fox Valley serves the entire Fox Valley community with all of these paperless options. If you would like to know how you could move from paper conveniently to more online management, stop by one of our local branches and we’ll be glad to help walk you through additional ways to go green.