Let Our Personal Switch Assistant Take The Pain Out of Switching Banks

According to a February, 2012, survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates, 9.6% of customers indicated they switched banks to a new provider during the past 12 months. And while that number may not seem high, the survey shows that figure to be on the rise, up from 8.7% in 2011 and 7.7% in 2010. In addition, 20% of banking customers who consider switching to a new banking institution abandon the idea because they feel it was just too difficult.

As a privately held, local community bank, FNB Fox Valley is here to tell you switching banks does not have to be difficult, and you don’t have to tackle it all on your own. Our unique Switch Assistant Program provides customers with access to personal and business bankers dedicated to helping you move your account from another bank to FNB Fox Valley.

Here’s how our Switch Assistants address the pains of change and make sure nothing falls through the cracks – all at no cost!

Concern: FNB with Personal Switch Assistant:
Fees – Known and unknown: Rising fees are the #1 reason consumers cite for switching banks. A lack of understanding potential fees is also the #1 reason consumers don’t make a switch. FNB Fox Valley’s checking is completely free and there’s no fee to transfer. Your personal Switch Assistant will review your account options and minimum balances required, if any.
Hassle – Time, effort and mistakes: 37% of consumers that are considering making a switch abandon the idea because they feel it will be too much of a hassle. This is exactly why FNB Fox Valley implemented the Switch Assistant program and assigns an actual person to your account. Your Switch Assistant will take the pain out of the change by walking you through the process step-by-step making sure it’s nearly seamless.
Automatic transfers and direct deposits – 63% of those who give up on the idea of switching do so because they’re intimidated by transferring automatic payments and direct deposits to a new account. The paperwork alone can be overwhelming. FNB Fox Valley’s Switch Assistants have ready access to contact information for the most common utility payments. They also have government payment forms available and will research your individual retirement or payroll change forms.
Credit options ­– Transferring deposit accounts is one concern but credit is an entirely different issue. Rates, terms and conditions can create anxiety for both consumers and businesses. FNB Fox Valley’s Switch Assistants evaluate your current credit situation and work with you to establish the same, or better, payments and terms. They’ll even facilitate the payoff of your old loans and initiate your new FNB Fox Valley credit.
Outstanding check clearance – Leaving enough money in an old account to cover outstanding checks can be confusing. Closing an account too early can result in a frustrating mess and unnecessary penalties. By reviewing your current checking activity, your Switch Assistant will identify exactly which checks are outstanding, the amount needed to cover those checks and make sure the account is closed only when there is no danger of NSF fees.
Understanding bank policies and people – Consumers and businesses alike average 8 years with their financial institutions but range greatly from a few months to over 30 years. Establishing a relationship with a new bank can be a frightening prospect. Switch Assistants meet personally with their customers. New customers will likely start with a bank tour, and introduction to staff and, when appropriate, be assigned their own personal banker.
Online banking set-up – Switching may sound like a great idea until consumers and businesses look at the number of payees they’ve set up and their transaction history. Restructuring payments through a new system seems tedious at best, insurmountable at worst. FNB Fox Valley’s Switch Assistants make transferring your online banking accounts easier by meeting with you to set up your online banking account, establish your payees in the bill pay module, and walking you through the setup of mobile banking.

Thinking of switching banks? Visit the FNB Fox Valley website. Our team of Switch Assistants is happy to help you take the pain out of change.