Five Ways to Save Today

Pennys add up fast.

You may be surprised how much you will save!

Saving money seems to be at the top of every to-do list. But why does saving seem so difficult at times? Is it that cup of coffee or cupcake that takes priority over saving cash? We often wish we could save as much as we spend on ourselves.  FNB Fox Valley is here to offer some helpful saving tips.

Be aware of your balance- By checking your bank account at least once every day, you will be reminded of your current balance and how much you should or should not spend.  Download our free mobile application to have your bank statement available at all times or request text alerts to be notified when your balance reaches a certain limit.

Re-evaluate your habits- We all have a tendency to get stuck in habits without realizing it. That cup of coffee every morning or pizza every Friday night can start to add up. Re-evaluate what you are spending your money on and if you can find it for less elsewhere or live without it.

Learn to say no- Your friends or family may want to eat out or do costly activities more often than you’re able to afford. Suggest cooking together or finding free entertainment instead. Never feel bad for being financially responsible.

Ditch the car- If you can walk to the grocery store, work, school, or library, do so. Saving gas is one of the easiest ways to cut expenses. A small change can benefit the environment and your bank account.

Turn Down the Air Conditioner – Hot summer days often bring cool nights. Open your windows and turn on a fan at night to take advantage of the fresh air and save money.

FNB Fox Valley values your money and we want you to do the same. Now is the perfect time to pick up new saving habits! If you’re interested in more helpful hints, or would like to open a savings account, contact FNB Fox Valley at 920.729.6900 or email  Best of savings to you!