Five Low-Cost Vacation Ideas

low-cost vacation

It seems like everyone is gearing up for summer vacations. Getting away from it all is a great way to relax, explore and have fun, but it can also put a big dent in your bank account! FNB Fox Valley has some low-cost vacation planning tips and ideas that can help you stay on budget. Get the best deals on your summer vacations. Think about it – if you follow these tips, you might be able to take two trips instead of one!

Book a tour Last-Minute

Tour companies need to fill leftover spots on tours, so they’ll drop prices as the date of the tour approaches. Try looking on G Adventures for low-cost tours.

Book a Last-Minute Cruise

Seeing a trend here? Most cruise ticket prices are cut in half as cruise dates get close and spots need to be filled. While this doesn’t allow for a lot of planning, it makes things exciting and spontaneous. You can still schedule time off from work in advance, but wait until a few days before your vacation to look for cruises. You’re bound to find one you’d like to take.

Explore your own ‘hood

Most of us never take the time to visit tourist attractions or historical sites around our hometowns. This can be a valuable staycation that can teach you more about your community and make you feel closer to it.


Many volunteer opportunities can offer you a way to travel for little to no cost while giving back. Most organizations will cover you room and board, so you only have to pay for transportation.

Think Outside the Box

An easy way to save money on your vacations is to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing in the travel world. If a destination is very popular and trendy, the ticket price will likely reflect that. This doesn’t mean you can’t visit the places you want, just think about nearby places to fly into that might not cost as much. Or visit those popular areas in the winter instead of the summer. A summer ticket to Europe will be double a ticket in the winter.

FNB Fox Valley wants you to enjoy this summer and have a great low-cost vacation without breaking your budget. With these tips, you can vacation for less and still have just as much fun!