Financial Stocking Stuffers: Our Favorite Financial Tips

The holiday season is a time for caring and giving. At FNB Fox Valley, we asked ourselves, “What’s the best way we can give back to our customers?” We came up with this: our favorite pieces of financial wisdom, gift wrapped and ready for you to open and use in the upcoming year.


These “financial stocking stuffers” cover all aspects of your financial life and are applicable to people of all ages.


Invest in yourself- you are the single greatest asset you have in determining your financial future.  The more you invest in yourself and developing your skills, the more you can increase your earning potential.


Pay yourself first…always- whether you’re 18 or 48, making the first expenditure out of every paycheck be a direct deposit to your savings account is an easy way to ensure you always have funds on hand.


Protect the things you love the most- no one enjoys talking about these things, but if the worst were to happen you want to know your family is protected. The right life insurance, disability insurance or other coverage goes a long way in ensuring your family can continue paying bills.


Plan for your retirement NOW- the 2008 recession did a number on millions of people’s retirement accounts, and yet a majority of Americans still don’t save enough for retirement. The future is unpredictable, so start putting your future first now.


Use your money to do a little good- when things are good for you, do a little good for others. Nothing was ever made worse by people helping each other.


Live easy now for a better tomorrow- the longer you can live a simple life and delay instant gratification, the better life you’ll be able to live in the future.


Whether most of these tips apply to you or only one or two do, take them to heart and try them out as we close in on a new year. As always, FNB Fox Valley is here to help in any way possible, so please don’t hesitate to call or come by. We hope to see you soon!