Discover the Low Interest Credit Card Perfect for You

Low-interest credit cards from FNB Fox Valley

Low-interest credit cards can be highly efficient financial tools!

Credit or debit? We have all asked this question after swiping plastic at the store. FNB Fox Valley understands the convenience of having money when you need it most. Whether it is for a meal, vacation, or gas, credit cards can provide a service for all of life’s demands. While it would be nice to think of a credit card as “free money” that is not the case. Using a credit card comes with the task of finding the right card and making payments as needed. Here we have listed 3 benefits of a low interest rate credit card and the different options for your wallet.


A low interest rate credit card will allow you to live with fewer financial obligations. With lower payments, you will have more money to spend on what is important to you.
You will spend less time paying off interest charges. With  a lower payment, you will pay that balance off in no time!Not only will you be saving money, but you will also be saving time.
A lower interest rate means a lower minimum payment. If money is tight in a certain month, you can make the minimum payment and meet other financial demands.


FNB Fox Valley offers a 1.99% APR Introductory Rate that applies to both the following credit cards until April 1, 2015. With no fee balance transfers, we know you and your bank account will love this option!


Our Visa Platinum Rewards Card has zero annual fees and no balance transfer fees. A standard variable purchase APR of 11.15% applies after the introductory rate expires.   Get  rewards and enjoy online access for your convenience. What you may find most appealing about the rewards card is the 1 point you earn for every net $2 you spend with UChoose Rewards. There is no cap or limit on points earned and you have five years to redeem them!


The Visa Gold Card also has zero annual fees,no balance transfer fees, and online access! With an APR of 8.15% after the introductory rate, we are sure you will love this option.


Your finances can be simplified with a low interest credit card from FNB Fox Valley. Stop paying too much on interest and allow FNB Fox Valley to serve your financial needs. Stop in or contact us today!