Community Banks Versus Megabanks

community banks

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to banking. While big banks are well established, they don’t always provide the care and flexibility that can be found at a community bank. You will find that community bank employees care about you as an individual and the financial goals you have. You work hard to earn your money and it deserves to be treated with the upmost care and protection. Your financial demands are unique and a community bank offers a touch that is hard to find at a megabank. In a world full of options, choosing a bank can seem like a difficult task. Below we have provided benefits of selecting a community bank. FNB Fox Valley encourages you to take these into consideration when making a decision and don’t hesitate to contact us today for financial questions or concerns.

Better Service

At a community bank, you will never have to pay a fee for live customer service. Staffed with friendly and helpful employees that hope to assist you however best they can, customer service is valued to provide you with an excellent banking experience.

Community Focused

A bank found close to home will often be active in the community. Many banks help sponsor schools and events close by and are locally employed. When you place a deposit in a community bank, it can help support borrowers and small businesses in the area. You can be a piece of the financial success of your neighbors!

Personal Touch

When applying for a loan, megabanks will typically only consider the credit score of an applicant. The process can be lengthy as it goes through a loan approval committee. Lenders in a smaller bank will look more closely at the situation and character of the person applying. When connected to a small community bank, you can expect to be treated as an individual, not a number.

When choosing a bank, it is important to take all factors into consideration. A small bank can provide you with excellent service and employees that care. We encourage you to contact FNB Fox Valley to speak with an employee about your financial needs today!