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Customer Appreciation – A Tradition at FNB Fox Valley

In many cases, especially with constant advances in online and mobile banking, people rarely have to set foot in a bank branch to complete a transaction. For some, it has become part of their daily routine simply because they enjoy stopping in for coffee and a cookie and socializing with their bankers. Others may have […]

Smartphone Security 101

As technology keeps improving, more and more people are trading in their flip phones for smartphones.  With the rising number of smartphones and the advancements in their capabilities, many people rely on their phones to perform all sorts of daily tasks beyond texting and making calls.  From mobile banking and shopping to downloading any app […]

Financial Advice for Graduating Seniors

May is an exciting month in our local communities and across Wisconsin. Why? Because, in addition to the better weather, blooming flowers and real emergence of spring, many high school and college seniors are walking across the stage at graduation.   Graduating from high school or college marks the end of one important chapter of […]